Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 Random Things ~ November & December

I'm back to 5 Random Things


Where to start? There has been so much that I haven't been able to blog about this fall, mostly due to lack of time.  

Only 5? I'll try. 

1. I will start with this Early (not!) Bird. She was motivated one morning to rise early and get going on school work.... right out of bed; No waiting for anything. She wanted to work while I prepared breakfast and she was up before Little Man! Now that's saying something. He's usually up by 7am. She's a sleeper.

I'm still not sure what her motivation was that day. We didn't have a field trip, party or play date. Hhhmmm.    *shrug*

2. We have been enjoying science this year. Here, we were learning about how we get our seasons; rotating the Earth around the sun. We had a lamp (the sun) in the middle of the table and they moved the globe (Earth) around the lamp, taking notice of the Earth's tilt.

They didn't know that the proportions were incorrect, not true to scale. That lamp should've been much bigger, or the globe a lot smaller. Oh well. That part might be a little more important later down the road.

3. Adelle made girl choir this year. This choir was known as Cantabile Girl Choir (in association with Cantabile Youth Chorale). Tonight they premiered as "Grace Notes; a place for your voice". That is a much easier name to remember.  :-D

Their Christmas concert was tonight and a fine singing job those girls did indeed! All of Adelle's choir buddies like her name. Can you guess why?  *wink*

4. Here is a sneak peak of a party we attended today. It's December. It was birthday cake. That's all the info for now. Look for an upcoming post about this soon.

5. And I so can't leave this post w/o showing off the latest wreath I made. The Christ's Names ornaments were an idea from (hey friends, where did that idea come from?) a diy ornament blog post. I'll have to find that post and edit this to get you the web address @ a later time. You're so going to want to check it out.  It was a tutorial indeed, with free printables and everything. Note: Click on the photo to get a closer look at those name ornaments. 

Here's the tutorial: Printable Paint stick Ornaments

Rule-breaker 6. Did I mention that I have a new song to add to my favorite list? I have to play this song and read those lyrics at least once a day.  Yeah. I had to include it here. 

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