Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Random Things ~ November 29, 2013

I will not take credit for coming up with this post idea. Brittney over at Mom's Heart started to do this and it inspired me too. So here are 5 random things I wanted to share from last week. 

1. Adelle is really picking up on math and loves to play restaurant, being the waitress adding up my ticket for the food I ordered or grocery store, being the cashier adding up each "transaction". I love this curriculum that makes learning so much fun!

 2. Jonathan has gotten into playing learning games on the computer. He would sit at the computer all day long if i let him. He's gotten away from wanting to do his "paper school work". Not that I mind him wanting to learn differently, but the computer is beginning to take over. 

3. Oh, and I need to mention that we've been doing the McGuffey Primers over at Easy Peasy. Jonathan now recognizes the words "the" and "and". He is so proud of himself!

4. Seriously, how much food can one person consume? Why do we stuff ourselves so much during the holidays?

5. Oh Christmas tree, I think it will be a miracle if we get you put up this year. 

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