Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day Success

We have started our school year in the middle of a big move. We started the process of purchasing a house back in March. Our plan was to buy it, move in and use the summer to organize everything. Funny how life doesn't happen the way you plan it. We waited 4 long months for this purchase to go through (it's a long story). We closed on it end of July and we just moved in last weekend. I moved our school start date back twice. I seriously didn't want to wait to start in September, although I guess I could have since homeschooling gives me that kind of flexibility.  Anyway. The kids have been asking to do school work again (imagine that!) so I decided to go for it.  I was able to get all of our curriculum books and very basic supplies organized on a small shelf, just enough for us to begin. And we are sitting in the middle of the move pile in our dining room. Enjoy the pictures and don't look at all the boxes and such.  :-)
Checking out new school supplies. 

Checking out new books. 

Learning the globe.
 Land vs. water. 

wooden shape blocks.


Future performers

We are going to have a fantastic school year!