Monday, December 9, 2013

5 Random Things ~ December 9, 2013

This little "Random" series is supposed to be posted on Fridays... says who?  LOL  We've had a very busy last few days. 

1. We started subtraction end of last week. This curriculum has a fun way of teaching it too! I am planning on posting all about our playing "restaurant" and "store" to practice addition and subtraction math skills. Even Jonathan is in on the math learning and he loves it as much as Adelle does. 

2. This is the third scripture verse this school year we are memorizing that talks about lying. Is this a sign that we seriously need to work on being honest? I guess so. 

Jonathan used to always tell the truth no matter what, even if he did something he shouldn't.  He has recently begun to realize his right and wrong actions and is trying to cover up his unacceptable behavior by lying. Now he is learning that you get correction for choosing to do the wrong thing, whatever that may be AND you get correction for lying about it. 

3. Who knew that mixing these 2 ingredients and putting them into a mason jar would make such a great gift?  This is so simple, even Adelle, who is 6 yrs old, made a gift of her own to give to her piano teacher last Friday.  I'll let you wonder for a bit (unless you've already seen this idea online). Detailed blog post to come soon! 

4. It finally started to feel like Christmas over the weekend. We braved the 30-degree temps for the annual Christmas parade. So much fun!


5. I tried to get a good, seriously good, picture of the kids for my Christmas cards this year.  They acted so silly and I just kept snapping. I finally got a good one!


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