Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 - One Amazing Year!

I cannot believe that 2013 is almost gone! Where does the time go? Is it just me, or does time move faster the older I get? This is one good reason to take a look back at this year and thank God for all the difficulties He has carried us through and for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.  

We got SNOW last year! My kids prayed for it.  :-)

I live 12 hours away from my family so it's always a highlight when I get to see them. 

My little man turned 4 years old. When he took his birthday shirt off that night, he said, "Will I still be 4 tomorrow?" Talk about some major cuteness!

Big big hail during a thunderstorm. That was crazy.. and a little scary listening to the big balls of ice smacking the rooftop. We were lucky enough blessed to get only one little ding in the hood of our Trail Blazer. 

My Sugar Bear turned 6 years old. She is getting big way too fast. 

Inspired by a shirt one of my friend's husband was wearing, I made this hand embroidered shirt for my Hunny for Father's Day.  He says he needs to get the "real" shirt. Being my first hand embroidery project, I didn't get the picture on the shirt straight and the image is a little small for the size of the shirt. *SHRUG* Live and learn, right?

My Mama, sister AND niece came down for a visit. This is the time that my mom got real sick and ended up needing my Dad to fly down here to drive them back home. 

Not pictured:  I was baptized in water June 9 as a public confession of my decision to follow Christ no matter the cost.  You can read my full testimony here

I made my very first flower arrangement. 
Not too bad for a non-crafter. 

We participated in the Summer Reading Program at the library and Adelle won 3rd place for reading the most books in her category (independent readers). 

Jonathan won 1st place in his category (read-to-me)!

After beginning a contract on a house end of March (looong story), we finally got to close the deal and move in! 

We got to have a mini-vacation in Branson, Mo with my family. The kids enjoyed seeing their cousins again. We certainly got to see my family a lot this year. I am so blessed! 

Remember these? We found this outside the Walmart there in Branson. I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

Ah yes. What is a vacation without a BANG ending? That's just what we did.... literally!

I made my very first wreath for my front door. This one was just fall colored fabric scraps tied onto a wire circle. Add a bow and voila! I'm quite proud of this one. *Patting my own back*  You have to understand.. I am one NON-crafty person, so to accomplish something like this AMAZES me! 

Adelle has begun learning hand embroidery too.

I attempted another wreath. I'm really enjoying crafting wreaths. Can you tell?

We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house. 

I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2014!

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