Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Week

A lot, if not all, of the public schools are out all week for Thanksgiving. I know several homeschool families who take this whole week off as well. 

I feel like we've done nothing but play catch-up this school year since we started our formal lessons. We've had several set backs from the big move (trying to get this house organized) to sickness. Therefore, we are getting a full week of school work done in this shortened holiday week.  Adelle is getting up on time and we are hitting the books. 

Oh, we have lots of motivation to get the school work done, even if our curriculum is somewhat laid back. The kids get to visit with their good friend, whom they haven't seen in a while, all day on Wednesday. They don't know who our visitor is yet, but the excitement of the surprise is more than enough to work diligently. Baking special treats and making Thanksgiving crafts (saved for the afternoons when lessons are completed) are sure motivators as well. 

Yes, we are working hard this week, but getting a 5 day weekend is worth it!

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