Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday ~ Thankful for the Valley

Last month, I  mentioned that I was struggling and couldn't figure out why. I am still struggling, but I believe the answer was revealed to me today. 

Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords indeed! He is the Savior of the world; the Lamb Who was slain for our sins. So why on earth am I struggling so bad?

I have asked the Lord repeatedly to humble me, to crucify this pride that is so monstrously HUGE within me. I hate this arrogance terribly. I am grieved every time I realize that I have let conceit and selfishness take control.... again. 

So I have come to a place that I am just ready to be rid of it entirely. My prayer has been for the Lord to lay me low and grow me in faith, love and grace. 

John Newton's song, I asked the Lord That I Might Grow, describes perfectly what has been going on in my life lately: 

I asked the Lord that I might grow
In faith and love and every grace
Might more of His salvation know
And seek more earnestly His face

I hoped that in some favored hour
At once He'd answer my request
And by His love's constraining power
Subdue my sins and give me rest

Instead of this He made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart
And let the angry powers of hell
Assault my soul in every part.

Yes, He is answering my prayer, but not in an easy way. He is taking me through the valley and emptying me so He can fill me. The trouble is, my flesh if fighting HARD; so powerfully.  The only thing I can do is to pray, asking the Lord to help me surrender, and then surrender indeed. 

Grueling, exhausting and severe as this is, I am thankful for this valley. 

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