Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Scariest Song

Kids are sponges. They are soaking up everything around them, everything they see and hear. It's true! Adelle amazes me in that she can hear a song once or twice, or see a movie once or twice and then she can sing and quote them. 

I have found the best theologically rich children's album ever. The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New. It's by Sovereign Grace Kids, which is produced by Sovereign Grace Music.

I came across Sovereign Grace Music about a month or so ago. All of the songs I've heard by them so far are Biblically sound. They just put out a kids album back in October 2015. The titles on this album are: (Click on the links to hear a sample of each song)

All these songs are absolutely great!, but my favorite one is The Scariest Song. Here are the lyrics:

1.  What's the scariest of woes?
     Some say snakes and some say spiders
     What strikes terror to your toes?
     Some say floods and some say fires
     Some say dentist drills or creepy clowns
     Climbing up or falling down
     But I'll tell you what the scariest around

     Sin -- it's the scariest
     Sin hurts everyone
     Sin -- how it hides in us
     It's all the wrong we've done
     It separates us from our God
     Behind these prison walls
     Oh, sin is the scariest of all

2.  What's the scariest to you?
     Some say living, some say dying
     What's the worst thing you can do?
     Some say failing when they're trying
     Some say getting germs or getting shots
     Getting lost or getting caught
     But I'll tell you what's
     The worst thing we have got

     Since Adam and since Eve
     Sin's spread like a disease
     We know that on our own we cannot beat it
     But though it seeks to kill
     Our God is stronger still
     And only by His grace can we defeat it

I hope you enjoy this song and this album as much we are! 

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