Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 Random Things ~ February 3, 2016

It's that time again! I only have a few random things to briefly talk about today. We have been a little busy the last few weeks so it's been difficult to sit down and blog. 

I know I don't have a lot of profound things to say, but I do enjoy sharing about what we're doing and what's been happening in all the areas of this adventure we call life, hoping and praying you can take some kind of encouragement away from these posts. 

Now.... on to some randomness!

1. KC Chiefs
Ah yes. We were in mourning the night the KC Chiefs lost in the first division round of the NFL playoffs. We hung our flag at half staff and kept it there the entire next day. 

2. Chic-fil-A
We got to tour the kitchen @ Chic-fil-A last month. That was quite interesting, though I wish I was allowed to take more than one picture back there. C-f-A uses fresh ingredients and they use only name brand products as they believe they would be taking short cuts and losing flavor if they used "off" brands. 

3. Science
We learned about how living things are made up of cells in science last week. We got the microscope out....  and Mama couldn't figure out how to use the thing, even after we put batteries in it. So we waited until Papa got home. They started exploring at all kinds of things: computer paper, toilet paper, water droplets, Dr. Pepper droplets, etc.... My hunny bunny even tried to get samples from the kids so they could check out their own cell structure. That was the highlight of the week!

4. Celebrate!
We hit our 100th day of school last week! I made (or tried to make) funnel cakes from a funnel cake mix someone gave to me a while back. I thought our 100th day was a perfect time to use it.  (I just won't tell you what time of day we ate the cakes. LOL)

5. Cleaning up
Let the purging begin! 
We have too much stuff. I have been watching videos on youtube about how to begin this process. I found what is called the KonMari method. This method makes sense, however I don't agree with everything this person says, but it is a beginning point and a guide to help me tackle the mess. Decluttering, purging and reorganizing can be a bit overwhelming. KonMari is a great place to start. 

And there you have it. Another random post giving you all kinds of useless information. I will sleep better tonight knowing that you'll sleep better tonight with your head full of my life's details. 


Keep laughing at random things! 

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