Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our 2015-2016 Curriculum

I had a LOT to think about when it came time to plan for this school year, especially after I agreed to take on 2 more children. I knew we were going to do something different for Adelle's 3rd grade. I have spent plenty of time on the internet researching different curriculums, checking out blogs and watching homeschooling videos on Youtube. And I thought I knew what I was going to use for 1st grade b/c I already had curriculum books. Here we are, having chosen some things and bought the books and still, changing things up a bit. Here is what curriculum we are using this school year (and some of the changes still being made).

Believe me, it's all more than just easy peasy! 

All Together
We are learning most subjects together. This is a HUGE help! Bible, History, Science, & Music. I like Charlotte Mason's philosophy about children's learning environment and I'm so the type that needs help to plan everything so we went with My Father's World again, since it is based on the CM method of teaching.

For phonics, reading and handwriting we are using Abeka. It's a little tough, but it's very thorough and Mr. K5 really needs it. 

1st Grade
We started out with Abeka for 1st grade, but I am so done with Abeka.  I've stopped using it (all except for handwriting) and we are supplementing with Easy Peasy free online homeschool program. I'll continue with that until I figure something else out. 

3rd Grade
As stated before, we are using My Father's World. American History, Science, and Bible are included in that curriculum. MFW suggested Language Lessons for Today and Spelling Power to complete language arts. Language Lessons has been great. It's very easy to use. On the other hand, Spelling Power has been a bit of a challenge. I really can't make up my mind if I want to muddle through it or change to something else. I am considering Spelling You See

Math-U-See.  When I watched the overview video on the Math-U-See website, it got me excited about math! I jumped us all in with both feet! Mr. K5 is starting with the Primer level and I went ahead and placed Adelle and Jonathan at the Alpha level together. 

We are 6 weeks into our school year and still making adjustments, but it's all good. Figuring everything out is part of this journey. 

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  1. Keep up the devoted work. God's grace and blessings to you.

    Bro. Mark


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