Friday, May 15, 2015

Frugal Gift-giving

Shopping at home for a gift? Yep. I did it. I "shopped" for a birthday gift at my own house. What can you do if you don't have the money to go out and purchase something? We could've made something, but we're talking about giving a birthday gift to a 7 year old boy. Now, I'm sure our friend would've loved anything we gave him, b/c he's just like that, but we really ran out of time for that kind of activity. So I started looking around our home for some items that we haven't used yet. If we haven't used these things by now, chances are, we aren't going to.

What did we gave away?  I'm so glad you asked.  :-D


A long time ago, over a year at least, I bought several pads of drawing paper that was on sale for a super good deal at a teacher store here in town. We had one last pad that we hadn't used yet, so we put that into a gift bag.

We had a huge box of colored pencils that I had bought at the beginning of the school year that hasn't been touched, so placed that into the gift bag also.  Our little friend enjoys drawing/coloring and creating pictures. So we knew he'd like those things.

I always enjoy giving books to kids as a way of encouraging them to read. Reading can open up a whole world of adventures and learning, but that is a post for another time. I looked on our bookshelf for a book or two to give away.  

We had two copies of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. One was a very old copy (I love those) and another was a newer copy that was in great condition. I thought that would be a good read aloud for our friends to read together, so we packed that one up.

We also found another good book that we decided to pass on.

We already owned the birthday bag b/c I crazy save all gift bags we receive that are in good condition as well as the tissue paper - if it doesn't get too crinkly. The children made their birthday cards also.

I was really amazed that my children didn't ask why we were giving away our stuff. Hopefully that means they aren't attached to all of the things we have lying around our house. We don't really need all this stuff anyway.

Great gifts don't always have to be bought from a store. It's always a win as long as your gifts are in great condition and are given from the heart.

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