Friday, October 18, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal ~ October 18, 2013

We got back to formal school lessons after being off for 2 weeks. In my last post, I mentioned that I really needed to get a schedule for us. We were supposed to implement that this week, but my hubby surprised me by not going to work Monday morning b/c he took the week off. Of course, this threw everything off for me schedule-wise, but we still got our school work done and I was able to get a few more things unpacked. :-) 

We played a couple of math games that my kids thought were fun. The first game was called Guess My Number. One child wrote down a number 1-15 and the other one had to guess what the number was. The first child says higher or lower until the second child guessed the right number. Then they switch so the second child writes down a new number and the first one guesses. This game kept them occupied for about half and hour. 

The second game was called Block Grab. We have a set of unifix cubes that we are using in our curriculum this year. We took them all apart and put them in a pile. One person grabs a handful and tries to guess how many he has in his hand. After you guess, you count them to see how many you actually have. This was in introductory game to estimation and volume. Pretty clever, I thought. 

Adelle and Jonathan had lots of fun with both games. They are both really enjoying this curriculum this year. That makes this mama happy.  :-) 

Seeing my children excited to learn. Jonathan not only asked for his worksheets, but he also asked to practice letter blends. 

Having Papa Man home. That means getting to have an extra movie night. We usually reserve movie viewing for the weekends, but when we're on vacation, we watch an extra movie or two. This week was no exception to that. Having Papa home also meant extra hugs and kisses. 

I'm working on making wreaths for my front door. 
I made a simple fall wreath last weekend. I am no crafter, but this one was easy enough. It's just wire bent into a circle, scrap material cut into strips and then tied onto the wire. Can't get more simple than that! I am looking for supplies (inexpensively) to make more for future seasons and maybe even to give away as gifts. If you're looking to get rid of scrap material, I'll take it! :-)

Mandy, over at Biblical Homemaking, really encouraged me this week with her post about overcoming your heavy burdens. I want to share a quote from her post. 

"When I had been feeling down or overwhelmed or sad, or had a desire to dwell on something that I shouldn't over the past few months, He taught me something that helped me leave those feelings behind and that has, without fail, restored my joy. Every time I think about a situation or want to dwell on something that makes me sad, angry, or upset, I ask Him to help me, and here's what He tells my heart:

'Set your mind of things above, not on thing on the earth.'

'Fix your eyes on me', He says to my spirit. Set your mind on what is good - and the only thing that is truly good is Jesus Himself."

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