Monday, April 1, 2013

A Tough Year

Whew! What a school year we have had! We started out doing alright... we had a routine set and was following it pretty good. We have even made some new friends in our home school support group. This adventure got tough when I decided to help my BFF (I wrote about it a tiny bit in my last post). I think I honestly bit off more than I could chew. Getting both children out the door by 7am every morning, trying to home school at someone else's house, not being able to do any house work until the evening or on the weekend makes for a stressful Mama here. Maybe I'm just lazy (or not in shape or whatever), but I am constantly exhausted.  We have 170 lessons in this curriculum and we are only on lesson 113. Really?!? (Maybe I'm just a perfectionist.)  Being able to stay on task in our school work has been very challenging... for me. I'm finding myself trying to catch up on missed sleep, missed prayer and I'm struggling to find a good attitude.  I have tried taking school work back home to work on during the weekends some, but that hasn't exactly worked out. I'm not wanting to supervise the work and the kids are just too distracted having everyone else home. 

It's time for a new plan! 

We are generally done with all our lessons by lunch time. So the new catch-up plan now is to do some extra work in the afternoons. This IS necessary because if we don't get caught up, Adelle will still be working on K5 lessons in the First Grade!

If I had to grade myself, I'd give myself a big D. I don't think that I have necessarily failed.  I have managed to hang in there and though our progress is S L O W, we are still progressing.

A note to my BFF:  I love you and I am still here for you. I WILL stick this out to the end.  (((HUGS)))


  1. Remember it's almost done! I love you and I am praying for you. If I could find another solution I would to take the stress off of you. If it does get to be too much we can try to let him go to my folks for a bit maybe. Just let me know. I in no means want to ruin our friendship.

    1. We have bigger issues if this ruins our friendship. It's just like I said, I didn't think this through before I committed myself. My mom taught me to keep my commitments, so I assure you I will see this to the end. It will be good for me to press through. We have about 6 weeks left? Love you, friend!


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