Monday, June 4, 2012

10 Goals to Tackle This Week

When I meet one goal and I can't think of what else needed to be done, I go back to my visual reminder.  Making this weekly list is very helpful! 

Last week's goals:

*Reorganize the children's toys.  I have yet to accomplish this one! It's just a bottom priority. 

*Take a brisk 20 minute walk at least 3 days.  I really need to reword this one. Mowing the grass, chasing the kids around the yard, etc.. are giving me the same amount of exercise as walking briskly.  

*Plan dinner menu for June.  I have to do a month at a time... it's just easier for me to look at the whole picture. 

*List needed school/crafts supplies  I still have a little time to get this one done. 

*Rework daily schedule routine. 

*Catch laundry up by Friday Technically, I didn't have to wash any more, but I still had to put them all away over the weekend.  

*Clean the van inside and out.  Inside done, outside not done. 

*Declutter my bedroom dresser.    YES!

*Get up at 6am at least 2 days this week.  6:30 both days. Think I'll revise this goal a little. 

*Mow the grass.  I like doing this chore! I think I want to give this job back to The Man!  LOL  (j/k)

My goals for this week:

* Reorganize toys

*Exercise 3 days

*Get up at 6:30am 3 days

*Catch up laundry by Friday

*List needed school supplies

*De-clutter piano and surrounding area.   I have clutter bug problem.....

*Clean out refrigerator

*Clean out children's closet - take out winter clothes. (you'd think I'd already done this by now!)

*Work on Father's Day gifts

*Learn to use the weed eater.  I've mowed for 3 weeks now and no one has gotten the weed eater out.  

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