Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Goals to Tackle This Week

Last week was just an off week for me.  I don't know what happened, but I just didn't get very much accomplished.  :-(

Last week's goals:

* Reorganize toys.  This goal is just going to have to come off the list. It's so not a priority right now. 

*Exercise 3 days.   Only 1 day last week......   Not good. 

*Get up at 6:30am 3 days.   I was wide awake and up 2 days! 

*Catch up laundry by Friday.  Again, I got it all washed but not put away. 

*List needed school supplies.  Going to have to do this very very soon. 

*De-clutter piano and surrounding area.   I got the piano itself cleaned off, but the surrounding area is still cluttered.  

*Clean out refrigerator

*Clean out children's closet - take out winter clothes. Doing this one means sorting out the clothes I'll consign and the ones I'll donate. 

*Work on Father's Day gifts

*Learn to use the weed eater.  I was mowing when my wonderful husband came home and so he just started up the weed eater and went to work too. Maybe I'll learn next week?  

My goals for this week:

*Exercise 3 days.

*Get up at 6:30am 3 days. 

*Put away all the clean laundry by Friday evening. 

*De-clutter piano area. 

*Clean out children's closet. 

*Learn to use the weed eater. 

*Read more books to the A & J. 

*Teach A & J 2 new songs at the piano.

*Mail Father's Day card to my dad.  I'll deliver his gift in person when I travel back up to KC next weekend.   

*Learn to use the weed eater. 

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