Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 Goals to Tackle This Week

I was able to cross off 7 out of 10 last week! 

Last weeks goals:

*Reorganize the children's toys.  I just didn't make it that far. 

*Take a brisk 20 minute walk at least 3 days.  Technically, I walked only 1 day, however, all the walking and swimming we did over the holiday weekend, I will consider this goal to have been met! 

*Plan dinner menu for next week  I'm just going to see what we have in the kitchen and take it day by day. 

*Look over K5 curriculum for next school year.... list necessary supplies and make prep work to do list.  

*Rework daily schedule routine.  I've got to get this done this week!

*Catch laundry up by Friday (Who wants to do laundry on the weekend?)

*Clean out the van - vacuum and wash windows

*Pack for holiday weekend camping trip. (to the beach!!)

*Get up at 6am at least 2 days this week. I got up at 6:15 one day and 6:30 the 2nd day.  That's close enough to mark it off, right?

*Write and mail thank you cards.

My 10 goals for this week:

*Reorganize the children's toys.

*Take a brisk 20 minute walk at least 3 days.

*Plan dinner menu for June. 

*List needed school/crafts supplies

*Rework daily schedule routine. 

*Catch laundry up by Friday 

*Clean the van inside and out.  I'm actually halfway done with this one. :-)

*Declutter my bedroom dresser. 

*Get up at 6am at least 2 days this week. 

*Mow the grass.  I like doing this chore!

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  1. Ok first off you are crazy to like to mow the lawn. And I challenge you to spend 5 minutes of that time you have when you wake up at 6ish to just be still. Not sleeping, not studying, just still and listening. Let God, the Holy Spirit and your heart talk to you. Also you need to add to the list for next week make a girls night with Heather plan :-)


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