Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Goals to Tackle This Week

I follow Jenny's blog at Get 'Er Done, Momma! and she has given me a great idea that will help me keep things rolling smoothly.  She posts her goals to accomplish for the week on Mondays and then does her best to get them scratched off the list throughout the week.  Thanks for this fab idea, Jenny!

Now, if you know me, you know that I am very forgetful and that is very irritating. Keeping a list in my head does not work at all for me. So, I have decided that I would give this a try.  I will list only 10 (my list could get very long!) goals to tackle every week.  I will not only post them here, but I will post them on my fridge so I can remind myself of what it was I wanted to accomplish during the week.  I am a visual person. Writing things down and looking back it will keep it fresh in my mind.  I will also not beat myself down if I don't accomplish every single goal listed.  

My 10 goals for this week:

*Reorganize the children's toys.

*Take a brisk 20 minute walk at least 3 days. (i hafta start somewhere!)

*Plan dinner menu for next week

*Look over K5 curriculum for next school year.... list necessary supplies and make prep work to do list.

*Rework daily schedule routine. (We need some changes.) 

*Catch laundry up by Friday (Who wants to do laundry on the weekend?)

*Clean out the van - vacuum and wash windows

*Pack for holiday weekend camping trip. (to the beach!!)

*Get up at 6am at least 2 days this week. (stop sleeping in, Cyndi!)

*Write and mail thank you cards.

Next week (on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday), I will let you know which goals I achieved and list some new ones.  

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