Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cocoon to Butterfly

A week ago today, we received a cocoon from the local nature center.  We kept it in a cool dark place, per the directions that came attached to the little plastic container.  About 3 to 4 days later, the cocoon turned dark green. By Saturday night, it was very dark green and you could see the wings through the cocoon. I'm sad to say that I did not succeed in a good photo of this stage; the cocoon looked so cool! Sunday morning, we woke up to a butterfly in the container in place of the cocoon!  We then took him out to the tree and set him on a branch. It was so amazing to watch this Monarch open and close his wings to dry off and get his strength. 

God is an AWESOME creator! 


This was a fabulous experience for all of us. This is certainly something my children will always remember!


  1. Got here via Hip Homeschool Hop. We at Homeschool Pool are currently growing a butterfly garden. It has been really cool watching the caterpillars and we just saw a butterfly yesterday. SO, this post was especially interesting to us. Great site! Have fun with your butterfly :)

  2. We keep seeing butterflies, talking about the flowers they like, and ways they are unique--I was just thinking we needed to do something like this too! It's so cool you got one from your nature center! It looks absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it at Teach Me Tuesday!

  3. I've always meant to get a butterfly kit, but have never done it. You've put it back on my shopping list. Thanks!

    I found you at Enchanted Homeschool's Blog Hop.

  4. We raise butterflies every year.
    It's a wonderful life cycle to watch and to experience the butterflies emerging from their chrysalis is amazing.
    This year's larvae will be arriving next week.
    Visiting from TGIF


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