Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Homeschool Mother's Journal ~ June 1, 2016

I've read about 6 books in the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. These true missionary stories have been incredible and have seriously challenged me to trust God for EVERYTHING and to worry
for NOTHING. God does provide everything we need to spread the Gospel and further His kingdom. 

We closed out our official school year a couple of weeks ago. We took a break for 2 weeks and we have begun our summer schedule. We didn't make it through all our curriculum and we were really enjoying our history and science subjects, so we are going to continue doing some light school work through the summer. 

I officially sent off my orders for next school year's curriculum. I have chosen teaching materials and work books from different sources and so I must make my own lesson plans this time around. I've never done that before, so I will be spending a coupe of hours a day (probably the evenings) working on that. 

I have created a "check-list", if you will, for the children of all the work they must complete each day before they can go off and play. They must complete their chores and the small amount of school work. I'll probably elaborate more on this in another post. 

Our summers aren't complete without being involved in the local library's summer reading program. This year's theme is On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! The activites includes keeping track of the books we read and going to the library about twice a week to learn about sports and fitness from special visitors, making some crafts and playing some group games. We usually have fun with that. 

Our piano teacher has set up a time for her students to play their spring recital pieces for the residents of a local nursing home. She also has planned a piano day camp in July that sounds like fun! 

Speaking of music, one of the churches in a neighboring town hosts a free "grace singing school" for one week. Young people will learn how to sing various parts of music using shape notes. I heard about this program after the fact last summer so I was determined to look for the dates this summer so the kids can participate this year. 

This summer is jam packed, so hopefully we won't find ourselves in too much trouble. *smile*

I do not enjoy cooking. I like meal planning and grocery shopping even less. So, coming up with a meal plan every two weeks is not my cup of tea, nor is it working for me. Seriously, if we could eat out more, I'd have us doing it. But, it's not in our budget nor is it good for our waist line. Cooking at home is a must. 

I heard about having seasonal menus to rotate each season. I started making up 4 menus; one for summer; one for fall; one for winter and one for spring. You have each day of meals planned out for the month and then you use that one menu for 3 months. Then you rotate to the next menu for the next season (3 months) and so on. Make sense? I have about 2 weeks for each season menu complete and I'm trying to get the summer menu done by this weekend so we can start using it next week. This has proven to be quite the challenge, especially with my dietary restrictions, but I think it'll be worth it in the long run and I won't have to think about planning meals again.  *wink*

We usually have Bible time together in the morning, either from our curriculum or a devotional book. However, we recently started reading through the Gospel of John together. The 3 of us read a short passage, each separately. We then come together to discuss what we've read. We do that first, then we also have our regular Bible time. 

We have finished listening to a couple of Little House books in audio form. I'm going to read the last read-aloud from our curriculum, Stories from Grandma's Attic, and then I'll start reading the Christian Heroes series to them. 

Adelle has been reading Pilgrim's Progress on a 4th or 5th grade level. I picked that up at a used book sale a couple years back. After listening to the dramatized version on the Grace Gems website, she's been enjoying reading it for herself. 

I have a song to share from the Broadway musical Amazing Grace, which is the story of John Newton's life that was dramatically changed after the Lord brought him to the place of repentance. He is the writer of the popular hymn, Amazing Grace. This song is John Newton, played by Josh Young, singing his Testimony.  Here are the lyrics:

In a moment of truth
I have seen what I am
Like a mist on the bay that is here and is gone.
Where dream that awakes with the coming of dawn
So am I!

What the world sees as weak
God can use to proclaim
With a voice and of wisdom
Could never perceive
What God has prepared for those who believe and receive
What He gives. 

And the man that I was I cast upon the furry of the sea. 
And the wind and the waves washed away a lifetime of deceit
And I won't be ashamed to stand and proclaim I am free!

I am free!

There was nothing in me that the Lord should desire
For everyone knows of the life I have led
And you can attest that my conscience was dead in my sin

I can say once again
It was not in me to change
But God in His mercy has called me by name
And He lifted me out of the pit of my shame and ordained I should live

And the man that I was I cast upon the furry of the sea
And the wind and the waves washed away a lifetime of deceit
And I won't be ashamed to stand and proclaim I am free!

I am free!

And I never can repay what the Lord forgave that day
He came for me came to set me free!

And here is a recording.....

Really, this could be a song we sing in Sunday Services.  :-)

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth. ~1 John 3:18

I hope this post isn't too long for ya. I guess that's what happens when you don't blog for a few weeks. Ha! 

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