Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 Homeschool Summer Questionaire

Confession: I look at youtube videos.

Well, it's mainly to get ideas on the project I have going or need to get going. And I can't say that I don't look at videos (and blogs) of other homeschooling families.

Well, you know.

Sometimes I just need a glance at the life of other homeschoolers to make sure that I'm still sane and maybe not alone in some of my homeschooling struggles.

So, surfing Youtube, I came across a video from the Virtual Homeschool Coop channel.

This is a list of summer 2016 questions for homeschooling families. You can watch the video here if you like, but the "assignment" is to answer these questions about summer time.

1. Do you do any school curriculum over the summer?
I haven't really done any formal schooling in summers past, though I was going to try to do one subject per day this summer. It isn't working out so well. We are doing science on Wednesdays though.  *Smile*

2. Do you have a set date for the start and stop of summer? Are they the same each year?
We do. We usually stick with the public school dates. I'd like to get us to a place where we can take an extended break in the fall and one in the spring. You know, the months in the year (here in the south) where it's not so unbearable to be outside.

3. Do you have any traditions for the end of school?
No. We don't usually do anything special for the end of school. This year ended on Sugar Bear's birthday, so the last day of school was pretty fun this time.

4. Do you keep a schedule during the summer? Is it the same as during the school year?
We don't normally keep a set summer schedule. However, we are trying to keep a regular routine going this year. I'm a little undisciplined when I don't have to do something. I may be on the lazy side. I'm working on that.

5. Are you going on vacation this summer?
We love hitting the beach every summer, but it's just not in the budget right now. We may do a little stay-cation when my hunny bunny is off for a little over a week next month.

6. Do you do any organized summer activities?
The only organized activity we've ever done is participate in the library's summer reading program.

7. Do you do a summer reading list or specified reading time?
We participate in the summer reading program at the library, as mentioned above. In times past, we would read or listen to as many stories as possible (it's a contest). This year we are going to the library for the summer program, but our reading has changed a bit. My 2 little lovelies are becoming independent readers, so we're concentrating more on quality reading rather than quantity. They do have to read at least 15 minutes every day, but they are reading more than that on their own.

8. Do you have goals for summer?
How's about we don't knock each other out? Ok?

Just kidding!  *GRIN*

Kind of.

I try to get some diy projects done around the house that doesn't get done during the school year. This summer I must get my new book shelves up and get next year's lesson plans done. I've never had to do my own lesson planning before, but I do this year. I'm quite intimidated by that.

Sugar Bear is also working towards earning 3 badges for American Heritage Girls at home. We may not make that goal, but it's worth the shot.

9. What is your favorite part for summer?
Maybe for it to be over. Summers here are hot and humid. I don't like that one bit. You step outside just for your breath to be snatched right out of you instantly!

But really, we are a bit more relaxed, so the slowed pace is much enjoyed.

10. Bed times! Do they still exist? What about letting them sleep in?
Bed time is still set, but we are more lenient this time of year. Alarm clocks are not set right now.... unless we have to be somewhere.

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