Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sometimes We Need Plan B

CONFESSION: I'm a weirdo. That's right. If you know me, you probably already know that. Ha! 

Why am I so quirky?

I thoroughly enjoy mowing the grass. No weed-eating; just mowing. I don't know very many women who enjoy mowing grass. Maybe I haven't met them all yet. 


We let the grass get pretty tall before we mowed for the first time this spring last week. I had the worst allergy reaction ever cutting that grass. It was horrible. It took me 2 and a half hours to mow the back yard b/c I had to stop frequently to wipe my nose and air out my eyes. I resolved to NEVER let the grass get that tall again. 

I know it doesn't really look that tall, but it was tall enough!

The grass has been in need of mowing again, but the weather has been pretty rainy and there hasn't been a chance to mow in between downpours.... until today... Kinda.  

We were/are expecting rain this afternoon, so I really needed to go out there and mow this morning, which is our school time and I have 4 children here to teach, 2 who are not my own, as you know if you've been following this blog. 

I had a decision to make. Do school or go mow the grass? 

Well, we did both. This morning, we listened to another chapter in our read aloud (The Secret Garden) and I made sure Mr. K5 got his math and phonics lessons in before I switched everything around. Then we all went outside.

Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed and stressed out if we're not on schedule with our curriculum or if we don't get to every lesson that was planned out. 


I have been learning that first of all, we're not going to always "finish" the curriculum to the very end. Secondly, we don't always have to do everything on the schedule. And sometimes, the best learning for kids is not going to come from the text books. 

So, today, I was able to change everything up a bit and not get upset or freaked out about it.  (Thank You, Lord! Thank You.)

The children played cooperatively (they tried anyway) with the outside toys in the drive way while I mowed the front yard. The 2 "extra" children went home and we stopped for lunch. Then Sugar Bear practiced her piano lesson songs inside while Little Man was outside with me. Then Sugar Bear brought her handwriting book outside to complete while I was still mowing and Little Man came inside to practice his piano. 

Now I am done with the yard work (and it hasn't rained yet). 

The plan for the rest of the day is for the children to complete chores around the house. Then we'll do "homework" before dinner (dinner will be a little on the late side this evening). Little Man will get his language arts work done while Sugar Bear completes the lessons she does on the computer. They'll play addition facts math games and go over the flashcards for a bit and we'll call it a school day completed! 

Sometimes the smallest details of life happens. However, we can work around that. :-D

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  1. Love this. Yes, sometimes plan B is even better.


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