Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Math Games

We have had some fun with math this week. Adelle has struggled with math this school year so I came up with a couple of fun games to help her learn the math facts. 

A couple of months ago I found a Hooked On Math set at a Used Books store in Missouri. The set was complete and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. So, I picked it up. Adelle has had trouble learning the Addition Facts from our current curriculum, so I opened up this HOM set. It begins with a simple addition game.

*The first player, Adelle,  rolls the number dice. The number on each die represents the addends - the numbers to be added. 
*Adelle selects the same number of beans or game markers (we used counting bears) as shown on each die and puts them in the two circles. 
*Adelle then puts the the numbers together by counting all of the beans/markers and writes down the answer (the sum) on a piece of paper. 
*She removes the beans/markers so Jonathan can play. He follows the same directions. I took a turn too!
*The player with the higher sum wins a point. 
*They continue until each of them has rolled the dice 5-10 times. 
*The player with the most winning rounds wins. 

Addition Bingo! 
Using a wet erase marker, I drew some squares on a cookie sheet that we use specifically for wet/dry erase activities. Then I placed one addition fact for each square. I made number cards, which are the sums for each fact. Adelle had to place the sum card on the correct addition fact. Wipe off the facts and write different ones. Adelle did this a couple of times. She did very well making only a 2 mistakes. 

And then I found this little fun game at our homeschool used book sale last weekend. It's Count and Add with Froggy. We like to read the Froggy books, so what better way to learn addition and counting?!? This game is easy easy. Put your Froggy game piece at the Start spot. Roll the number dice. Add the numbers together and move that many spaces. If you land on a space that has directions, follow those directions. The first player to get to the end wins! 

The kids have had fun with these math games. We will play them and replay them. I hope it really helps Adelle learn her math facts. 

Happy adding!


  1. These look great--I think games are the best way to reinforce math! I’m so glad you shared this at Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! Visiting from Teach Me Tuesday.


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