Monday, October 10, 2016

5 Random Things ~ Traveling, Menu, Library, a Door Hanger and Homeschooling Anywhere

1. World Travel
Trying to use chopsticks
One of the subgroups in our large homeschool group that covers our entire metro area has organized a co-op this semester. They offered a pretty wide range of classes and we were to pick 2; I chose World Travel for one of our classes. 

So far, we've been to Egypt, France and Japan. The kids are really enjoying this class and the volunteers who have made presentations about these countries have done a super job.

2. Fall Menu
This is my fall menu. It looks pretty poor, eh? I need to revamp it a bit, adding more selections. I certainly need to get more crock pot recipes as our schedule is pretty busy this year, especially Mondays - Wednesdays.  Oh, I also have at least one dinner plan on there twice! LOL

3. Library
The stories for this day were about
autumn and leaves. 
We still go to the library for story time about every other week and there's usually a simple art project to go with the stories that were read that day. These guys still enjoy participating, so I guess we'll continue to attend as long as our schedule allows.

4. Pumpkin Door Hanger
Piano teacher's pumpkin
My pumpkin
I was inspired by the burlap pumpkin hanging on our piano teacher's front door. So I made my own pumpkin door hanger. I had just enough burlap left in my stash to make the one for our kitchen door that opens into the garage (which serves as our main entrance). I think I need to add some leaves.

The kids wanted to make pumpkins too, so I let them make hangers for their bedroom doors out of brown packing paper. I plan to post a tutorial of how they made them soon.  :-)

5. Homeschool Anywhere
I am glad we can take homeschool with us anywhere. Here, Little Man is hanging out on the piano teacher's front porch finishing up school work for the day. There's nothing better than being able to complete school work outdoors.

This school year has been pretty interesting so far.

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