Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Around the World Co-Op

We had an incredibly fun co-op a few weeks ago in our homeschool group. Our group leader called it, Eat Your Way Around the World. Each family chose a country to study, made a poster and cooked a dish from that country.

 We choose Italy and made bruschetta.

The making of the poster....



The making of the bruschetta....

Then we learned about these countries....
We tried a plain rice dish from China.'Twas a little bland, but still good.

We had a dessert similar to donut holes from Cypress 
and Gummy Bears from Germany. 

Irish mashed potatoes had kale in them. That was pretty good, actually.
There were several dishes from Jordan, but we only tried the pita bread and hummus. (I think that was hummus.)

There was another rice dish from Indonesia, which had tons of flavor and teeny bits of chicken in it. 

Chips and salsa from Mexico! 

The children from each family got up and told the group a little about their country.  Adelle was bashful about speaking in front of everyone, but I managed to get her to talk about the colors of Italy's flag. 

We had so much fun learning about Italy, making the poster, the bruschetta and then learning about the other countries and tasting their food. 

This is certainly one the most fun we've had at a co-op. 

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