Thursday, September 11, 2014

It Seems We Struggle A LOT

All 3 of us have struggled since we started this year's formal school lessons. I have struggled with juggling everything, which is one reason I haven't blogged until now. Adelle has struggled with the load of her work this year...... 

This is not the face of a happy camper. This is the look of not wanting to think and do the work. And when she's not crying and fussing about it, she's just taking her sweet time to complete tasks.

I'm not sure if it's b/c the work load is a lot more this year, if we were just too laid back last year; if it's the difference in curriculum or if it's just the move from first grade to second grade. Nonetheless, we're pressing through.

Jonathan has associated school work with the worksheets. If we haven't done a worksheet, we haven't done school, or so he thinks. That's not a bad thing, I guess. Right now his work is easy. He's sat in on Adelle's lessons and he's really between K5 and 1st grade, but I went ahead and got him a K5 curriculum. Maybe that was a mistake on my part.


So in all our struggles, I have come up with a schedule. We've never followed a strict schedule before and so it will take a little more discipline on my part, but I believe it might be beneficial for all of us. This will be a flexible schedule b/c obviously we're going to have "life" happen and there is one day in our week where we are away from the house more than we're home. School usually goes on the road with us, but it's not quite the same.

The schedule is planned as follows: (I couldn't get my picture of our poster to load)

8:30 - Together: - Devotions, prayer, memory verses
9:00 - Together: - Bible
9:30 - Adelle: Arithmetic & seat work - Jonathan: Independent activity
10:00 - Jonathan: Numbers and worksheet
10:30 - Adelle: Language Arts - Jonathan: Independent activity
10:45 - Adelle: L.A. seat work - Jonathan: Phonics
11:30 - Adelle: A.M. Reading - Jonathan: Free play
11:45 - LUNCH
12:30 - Both: Handwriting
12:50 - Together: History or Science, Music or Art
1:15 - Adelle: P.M. Reading - Jonathan: Independent activity
1:30 - Finish any incomplete work

The bottom line is, we're going to have a goal schedule set before us that we will follow as close as possible and the structure should help us out a bit.

(At least that's what I'm thinking.)

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