Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finishing Up 2013-14

It was way too nice to study indoors!
The Lord has blessed us with another successful school year. While we've had several set-backs and some sicknesses, I feel that we have covered enough lessons from this curriculum to call it complete. However, we have a little bit more to learn. 

While we enjoyed the relaxed approach of My Father's World, I feel as though the phonics lessons were a little lacking; a bit too vague. Next school year, we are going to go with to the curriculum we used before, which was A Beka Book. It is a bit more rigid and uses a spiral teaching method, but it's very thorough. We'll just have to make adjustments to the lesson plans a bit. 

With all that being said, we are going to use the month of May (and possibly part of June) to fill in the gaps with the Abeka Grade 1 lesson plan books I just purchased (gently used) from a friend. My goal is for Adelle to receive one phonics/spelling and handwriting lesson in the mornings while continuing to play fun math games, experimenting with some kid concoctions along with fun science explorations in the afternoons from now until mid-June. 

My intentions for next school year is to start Adelle in 2nd grade and Jonathan in K5 in mid-July. Our school years have played out to be year-long with frequent breaks through-out. I expect this school year to follow suit. History repeats itself, right? Not to mention that we are creatures of habit. 


*big smile*

Now, I must think about a bit of a tighter or more structured schedule and how I am going to teach 2 different grade levels, both with a high demand of parental involvement. 

I desire your prayers and will listen to all the advice you can offer! 

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