Monday, September 17, 2012

Blend Sounds and Bible Lesson

Our phonics and numbers lessons are so short that we combine 2 lessons into 1 pretty well. Even though we are going to be a little behind this week (due to multiple doctor/dentist appointments), I didn't feel too bad about making today a review and art day. 

Adelle has begun to learn blend sounds in her lessons. For a review, I made a simple bingo game. I traced a small hexagon pattern onto construction paper, wrote in all the vowels, t & l and then all of those blend sounds. 

Adelle and Jonathan played this together. I said a blend or letter sound and they had to find the letters on the page. Jonathan (being only 3 and not ready for blends yet) listened for the single sounds and Adelle listened for the blend sounds. Both children are doing very very well. 

We've picked up our Bible lessons again with Day 4 of the Creation story. I've kinda put the Bible lessons to the back burner for a short time simply b/c I had a hard time figuring out how to get it in with everything else.  (So so bad of me!) 

We played 'Egg Carton Shake', a number recognition game that I talked about in a previous post. Today's game had numbers up to 4 and a cat and a dog. This game is mostly for Jonathan, but Adelle gets a kick out of shaking the egg carton too.  :-)

Adelle has also been working on her handwriting. She's learning how to write in cursive (different, right?). The curriculum has been moving a little quick (in my humble opinion) with those lessons, so I've slowed it down a bit and giving her lots of tracing practice. So far she's learned how to write all the vowels, letter t & letter l (all lower case). Letter l giving her trouble, so she's really practicing those before we move on to the letter b, which will be tomorrow. 

And we just can't leave out all the life skills that they're learning along the way.  :-D

It's been a CrAzY Monday with a crazy rest-of-the-week in store. Nonetheless, I LOVE homeschooling my children!

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  1. I love the life skills that you are teaching your children. Learning cursive can be very tricky. Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!


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